July 2, 2022

Almeda Fire – Episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of the Almeda fire rising from the ashes.
Voices of Rotary
Voices of Rotary
Almeda Fire - Episode 4
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Show Notes

A podcast by Michelle Coradetti and Alan Harper

Welcome to episode 4 of the Almeda fire rising from the ashes. Thanks for joining us in this podcast in the first episode we explored the start of the Almeda fire that ripped from Ashland up through Phoenix and Talent, Oregon into the very outskirts of the major population center of the Rogue Valley Medford Oregon. The second and third episodes were all about the day of the fire. The evacuation in the immediate aftermath.

The stories were primarily told through several people, Chris chambers of retiring and past president of the other Ashland Club who’s also fired District Chief in Ashland. And Joan Williamson a Rotarian and my club who survived the path of the fire. We also interviewed Catalina and her son Adriel Gamez, who lost their home in the fire. They were living in Phoenix or Oregon and Guy Tower, Chief Economist for the State of Oregon who happened to be presenting at Michelle’s Club as the fire started.

In this last episode, episode 4 of our podcast, Michelle and I’ll focus on Rotarys response to the Almeda fire and how we’ve served the victims and these communities and we also have some very good follow-up stories on what’s happened to the people we’ve interviewed.

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