August 4, 2022

Ask Jennifer Jones

What would you like to say to Jennifer Jones the new Rotary International President?
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Voices of Rotary
Ask Jennifer Jones
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Show Notes

A few weeks ago we tried an experiment. Obaid Rehman, a member of the eClub State of Jefferson from Pakistan posted a question on his WhatsApp account, “What would you like to say to Jennifer Jones, our new Rotary International president?”

The replies came from all over the world, Afghanistan, Ecuador, India, Hong Kong, Africa, and even from Rae LaLarche right here in Oregon. This is not an “official” Rotary project but we thought you might find the answers interesting.

This is just a small sample we had 37 replies, some wishing Jenifer the best others offering advice. One fellow even singing Imagine, pretty good voice. if you would like to hear more let us know.

If you would like to send a greeting to Jennifer Jones we would love to add your voice. The WhatsApp number is +15412362888. Hit the record button and leave a free voice message. There’s no guarantee that Jenifer Jones will listen to these but we’ll do our best.

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