September 23, 2022

Chuck Root – Service Above Self

Voices of Rotary
Voices of Rotary
Chuck Root - Service Above Self
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Show Notes

A podcast by Emily Francona

Emily, “Chuck, service of some kind has been a long lived dedication for you. Please tell us more about your many years of different service to your profession, your community and Rotary.”

Chuck, “My dad was was very active in our community, when I was growing up. He had a lot of challenges in his life, but he did do a lot of work for the community and I’m sure that’s a lot of where it’s come from for me. I remember one time he gave me, I was in first grade I think, and he gave me some pamphlets to hand out to different businesses in town. And so, I went from business to business and gave thim this five or six page little handout and of course I looked at it and the first five Pages were of cute babies. And then on the back was the message that he wanted, that whatever organization he was working with, wanted to to show or sell to the different business people. And I thought well that’s kind of silly and so after doing a couple of them, I would hand the brochure out backwards or upside down. So they would see the message first. Which, didn’t fit in with their plans at all, how to try to pitch something to the businesses. But, because that happened, I do recall that, that he got me, started pretty early.”

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