July 19, 2022

Service Above Self – Charlie Cole

Voices of Rotary
Voices of Rotary
Service Above Self - Charlie Cole
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Show Notes

A podcast by Emily Francona

Like any other human endeavor, our present and future are both built on the hard work and dedication of those who have gone before us. The Service Above Self podcast series is how we honor Rotarian’s who have dedicated their lives to helping people and building this great organization.

From Emily Francona

The audio quality of this interview is regrettable – Charlie lives in an assisted living home in Bend and he was unable to use a headset for the Zoom session, so there was the inevitable background noise (shuffling papers, etc) and poor computer speaker quality. He is almost 94, but still sharp of mind. Ultimately these are his stories and what he chose to share, very personal and informal – which is what I expect this series to be. I listened to it at 1.25 speed which is much better.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Charlie Cole

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